1700s stays version 4



I love this bodice shape- and it is conical enough to pass for far closer to a renaissance shape than wearing a conical top, more modern corset.

I am currently on version 4.  this time using a heavy imported silk and trying out lacing rings for the first time.  So far so good- the rings lay flatter then grommets do and it should keep the silk from wearing through under the lacing.

Bodice front – in progress. Here you can really see how curved the front seam is- this is to fit snugly on a very busty figure. When worn, this seam will curve to a vertical straight while allowing a lot of figure roundness.
Bodice ready for hand finishing the edges.
Completed bodice front. This is my first try at ring lacing- I like how smooth it is with the rings on the edge like that.